Mesh Networks

Is your router not enough to distribute Wi-Fi throughout your place? We’ve got a solution for you. We offer services for setting up mesh networks in your designated area, which helps you cover your spaces with strong and consistent Wi-Fi.

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What is a Mesh Network?

A mesh network is a group of devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network. This means that there’ll be multiple devices as your sources of Wi-Fi around your area, instead of just a single router that usually doesn’t make the cut when it comes to big spaces and thick walls.

Mesh devices should be adequately reneged with their source to seamlessly communicate with one another without a router or a switch.

Why Do You Need a Mesh Network?

Mesh networks are beneficial to customers who need to have a strong and consistent Wi-Fi connection in a physically big space. Wi-Fi connections weaken as devices that connect go farther from the router, and mesh devices are made to bring the Wi-Fi signal closer to these devices to let them connect without a problem.

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