Internet Problems/Slow Internet

Having issues with your internet connection? Buzzingo Tech Experts has solutions for you. You don’t need to stress about slow internet, DNS problems, file and printer sharing, no connection issues, and other problems.

Internet problems are big hurdles to keeping us on track with our productivity, entertainment, and staying connected with our loved ones. That’s why we offer a wide range of services that will help you solve the most common to the rarest internet problems.

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Our services aimed at solving your internet problems include troubleshooting services, network equipment inspections, software checks, and many more.


When you report having issues with your internet connection, the first thing experts do is troubleshoot. Here at Buzzingo Tech Experts, we trained our technicians to use the most efficient methods that will help our customers.

Troubleshooting is the most common form of diagnosing a problem, and we take pride in training our technicians to be the best at it. This enables them to help you with your internet issues to the best of their abilities and experience.

Equipment Inspection

There’s a lot of wiring that goes on to get your computer or other devices connected to the internet. Modems, routers, ethernet cables, and other equipment are mostly hidden in the darkest corners of our homes and offices, making it a rare occasion for us to check them.

While most of them are built to last, nothing’s forever. That’s why we offer a solution to help you diagnose and solve your internet problems by inspecting your connectivity equipment.

Software Check

In some cases where customers encounter problems with their internet only in a particular device they own, we resort to checking the settings, applications installed, and the state of the said device. The issue may not be with their internet connection, but with the device they’re trying to connect.

This is where our device repair technicians come in, and we believe they’re one of the brightest ones in the industry.

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