Network Services

Need a networked environment set up for your business? Buzzingo Tech Experts has solutions for you. We offer network services that allow you to manage users, emails, printing, and system administration using a centralized computer. If you have multiple client computers or workstations, we can put them in the same network for better workflow and communication. Call us today at +1 281 617 2899 to learn more.

User Management

Add restrictions and give access to client computers within your network to ensure all communication, files, and work are organized. A well-managed user network will let you monitor, analyze, and use your business’ network communication better.

This is especially beneficial if coordination is a must for your business operations. You need everyone updated, every file correctly stored, and systems are consistently up.


Need a domain email for your business for more legitimacy? We can help you set up your business email for people within your network, allowing your domain to filter internal and external email communications.

A domain email helps you tell people about your business and helps your domain’s reputation. It’s also essential to keep communication within your business confidential because it helps people in your network filter work and personal emails.


Need a centralized printing system for documents, invoices, and many other files that need a hard copy? You can’t go wrong with Buzzingo Tech Experts’ solutions for shared network printers.

For printers under a network, multiple computers in it can use multiple printers under the same network. Gone are the days when there’s only one computer that’s connected to the printer, and everyone in the office has to line up to get files printed.

System Administration

In a network, all computers need to remain in tiptop condition. They’re used for business operations, which makes their function crucial. We can help you set up a centralized system administration unit that’ll manage one or more computers within your network. You can manage each workstation’s software and hardware accordingly, helping you make sure that everything’s running smoothly.

Get Started

Ready to get your network set up? Call us today at +1 281 617 2899 and tell us more about your business. We’ll provide you with what’s best for your business network needs, pricing, maintenance, and many others.