Q: How much do you charge for an estimate?

A: Diagnostics are always FREE at Buzzingo. Bring it by for a no-obligation quote.


Q: What repairs are offered?

A: We have the expertise and tools necessary to do a wide variety of repairs on-site. We can do desktops, laptops, 2-in-1s, and all-in-ones of all makes and models, including Apple. We also work on all phones and tablets, including Microsoft Surface, as well as smart watches, gaming consoles, and other gadgets.


Q: How long will my repair take?

A: We know everyone today depends on their technology to be able to function, so we keep a wide variety of commonly-replaced parts in stock as well as parts for all the popular makes and models.

Most iPhone repairs are typically done in 30 minutes. Other phones, tablets, and computers are typically done same or next day. Any jobs involving data transfer and recovery can take longer depending on the amount of data being transferred and condition of the source device or drive.


Q: What kind of warranty do you provide?

A: We use OEM and high quality parts and take our time to be sure every job is done properly. As such, we are able to offer a 1 year limited warranty on every repair! This warranty covers any defects and will be equivalent to your manufacturer's new warranty. We do not cover physical damage, water damage, or any damage caused by anyone else working on the device.


Q: What type of data recovery do you offer?

A:We can recover data from all types of devices. We are the only data recovery business in the area that has invested in hardware solutions for data recovery.

These tools come at a hefty cost and take considerable training, but they provide the best possible chance for a good data recovery outcome in a wide variety of scenarios that other shops that only use software-based tools can't touch.

We can do all types of hard drives, old and new, desktop to iPod classic, as well as SSDs, flash drives, SD cards, water-damaged phones, and physically damaged boards with embedded storage (typically found in newer Macs).

Your first recovery attempt is your best one, so don't risk it anywhere else. We don't charge anything to evaluate the drive and get you an estimate.

Where are you located?

We are located in the strip center on the corner of W Lake Houston Pkwy and Rustic Woods Dr in Kingwood. We’re right across the street from Wendy’s and Shiner’s Car Wash. Rustic Woods is the street where the Houston Police substation is located, one block south from the Post Office.

Do you offer service calls?

Yes, we can come out to you! Some types of repairs are better done or can only be done in-store, we will notify you if this is the case. We can also pick up and/or return your device if you are unsure or unable to unplug your device or get everything plugged back in the right place.

My Internet stinks! Is there anything you can do?

Yes, we can help you figure out what’s wrong and how to get your provider to fix their service (or find you a better provider) if they are the issue. Most modems that are included with services are trouble-prone and costly month-after-month, and most routers and mesh systems purchased in stores are missing key features or are prone to overheating or other problems that cause intermittent service issues or require constant restarting. We can help you save money and get service and signal that works great and consistently no matter where you are in your house.

What other products and services do you offer?

We have a wide inventory of devices, accessories, and more. We also carry quality ink and toner refills from Local Print Solution to help you save money on printing. So whether you are looking for an adapter cable, or want a unique case or protector for your gadget, want to discover something useful you didn’t know you could live without, or need some gift ideas for a techie friend or family member, drop by and we’ll be happy to help you out!