Computer Data Recovery

Buzzingo Tech Experts: Restoring Data On Your Computer Is Our Goal

If you are using a desktop computer, files must be stored in a location where they are always accessible. People should know which ones are critical for them before backing up any confidential data. As end-users, we always have personal, business, and financial information that need to be protected. Missing or stolen data is real so it is best to rely on Buzzingo Tech Experts to reduce risks. 

What Do You Need To Know? 

As technology continues to evolve, Buzzingo Tech Experts is a repair shop responsible for recommending helpful tips on how confidential data can be secured. There are various apps and websites seen by people each day. If we are not careful, unwanted programs may invade computers, leading to unauthorized access and stolen information. Our certified technicians provide tech solutions for anti-virus programs, repair or maintenance, and computer data recovery. 

Windows And Mac Expertise 

All our licensed technicians have undergone intensive training on Windows and Mac operating systems. They have tech skills that are highly related to installation, computer data recovery, backup services, and computer security. In computer technology, two common systems are Windows and Mac so it’s still important for us to master all these. Buzzingo Tech Experts has different levels of support to reach out to more customers as possible. 


At Buzzingo Tech Experts, we don’t want customers to feel that our computer data recovery services are overpriced. To learn more, you can visit our shop in Kingwood, TX. All our services are affordable because we don’t want you to look elsewhere. 


Our management offers a warranty on all repair services including computer data recovery and products that are on sale. We encourage customers to visit us in Kingwood, TX to know more about our terms and conditions. 

Computer Data Recovery Software 

First things first, Buzzingo Tech Experts is a company that helps by protecting its customers. So, it is not recommending you perform computer data recovery on your own. Restoring data especially on a computer requires technical expertise. Our techs have at least 35 years of service repair experience. They can use data recovery tools with ease. 

  • Stellar – It is one of the pioneers when it comes to computer data recovery tools. This software retrieves common files that were previously deleted and corrupted. Stellar works with various cameras, storage devices, and drones. It has a very visible window for preview so you’ll know which ones to recover. 
  • Disk Drill Data – The good news is this program has a free trial for new users using a Windows pc. It restores data up to 500 MB in size. Disk Drill Data has different views and scans depending on the user’s preferences. It has a user-friendly interface which makes this computer recovery tool interesting to certified technicians and end-users. 
  • Recuva – It supports memory cards, hard drives, and external storage devices. Pictures, important documents, and music files can be recovered using this reliable tool. 
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Some people don’t even need large files to be stored on their computers. For smaller data, EaseUS can help recover files up to 2 GB. 
  • R-Studio – This program was designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Current versions are available in Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Again, these are some of the computer recovery programs used by licensed technicians. Buzzingo Tech Experts don’t expect every user to utilize all tools mentioned on this website. Leave it all to our tech experts. 

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